art ©  ej chong

art © ej chong

Trisha Nikole is a writer currently based in the GTA.

Somehow emotionally repressed and overly sentimental in equal measure, they have written essays on being a first-generation immigrant and a queer person of colour, and the points at which these intersect. They have also written pieces on sex & sexuality, gender, internet & fandom culture, film, television, music, video games and comics.

At the moment, they write fiction, paraphrased here from Salinger, “almost always about very young people.” Their main interest lies in small-scale stories about LGBTQ+ young adults at liminal periods of life, in the many forms this may come as and with all the emotions that come part and parcel. They wish to venture into genres beyond slice of life in the near future, but for now they use fiction to make sense of their own fears, loves and uncertainties in a world that renders it so difficult to remain tender.

In all of this, Trisha hopes to present something of value, however little and however fleeting, to those not often represented in stories overbrimming with love and hope. Whether through articulations of their own personal experiences or in fictional stories set in the everyday, they believe in the power of language and the potency of sincere human emotion.

A Scarborough-bred youth, Trisha is now living in a city that has Guillermo del Toro’s stamp of approval. They are in their last year of university, juggling a double major in Classics & Linguistics with research work on the coins of the Ancient Roman emperor Hadrian and a writing fellowship with Nuance. Prayers and well wishes are welcome.

Trisha uses both they/them and she/her pronouns.